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A journey through industrial chic



The philosophy of the hotel, located 22-24 Rue Faidherbe, is closely tied to that of the whole arrondissement. The emphasis on materials, whether raw or finely wrought, is one of the foundations of its style.

As early as 1926, Maison Boutet settles here and provides the craftsmen of the industrious Faubourg Saint-Antoine with wood imported from Europe and more exotic lands. This joinery workshop, which will later give way to a chocolate factory, then becomes home to the life of a neighborhood where theworking class mixes with the craftsmen, combining expertise with industrial momentum.


The gateway to this fascinating world, the hotel’s frontage embarks us in and of itself on a journey through time, a deep plungein the Paris of olden days. Fully renovated, it displays once again the beauty of the colors of its mosaics and the majesty of its Art Deco canopy.

After nightfall, the play of lights on the facade further enhances the delicacy of the work. Perfectly in keeping with the spirit of the hotel, it reveals a strong commitment to preserving the history of the place.


A legacy that is upheld even in the name of thehotel, which made his that of the joinery workshop, “Maison Boutet”.

A symbol of the philosophy of Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet, this facade is one of the greatest successes of a renovation processthat focused on the conservation of the industrial legacy of the building.





Imbued in the farthest recesses of the hotel, its heritage as an industrial site and a place of craftsmanship was diligently protected. The manufacture was entirely revamped, while preserving the pith and marrow of the building, to make way for a hotel that embodies
the very soul of Paris.

Wood and metal are given pride of place, echoing the traditional craftsmanship of the faubourgs. The choice of a raw architectural approach, with exposed steel and concrete structures, refers to the industrial heritage of the area. The hotel’s DNA lies in itsupholding an authentic nature: the sleekness of the shapes, the legitimacy of the resources used and the historic background of the place.

One of the challenges of the project lied in putting together the relevant décor. The furnishings, strictly functional, are the product of traditional handicraft. The visual design, efficient and sober, highlights the peculiarities of the building, while the apparentsimplicity of the place brings out the quality of the finishing and the detail of the work, giving it meaning.

In certain areas within the hotel, this “cleverly-thought spontaneity” assumes an urban style in an attempt to recreate the working-class feeling that once prevailed here and came to shape the very essence of the area.

In short, the appeal of the Hotel Paris Bastille Boutetlies in its contradictions, in the combination of traditional craftsmanship with the precision of the industrial world, of a minimalist spirit with thoroughly designed details and of a high-end institution with a working-class heart.


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